About The Pacing Project

Pacing The Race

Courses are not created equally. Each race, from a 5K to a marathon, will have its own challenges and some are naturally a bit easier than others. Traditionally, pacing in longer races tends to be done by mile, but this type of pacing doesn't make much sense for courses that have varied terrain. So, why pace by mile instead of by the course? We don't know either, so we decided to scrap that idea and create technology to help plan race strategy specifically to the course and the energy you will expend over the race. The result of this effort is The Pacing Project.

Essentially, our aim is to help you distribute your effort optimally, over a specific race course, in order to achieve the best time you are capable of.

The API Behind It

The Pacing Project is an advanced API for running that harnesses similar technologies to those used at Best Bike Split. The API can be used to provide race prediction, run calculators and optimal pacing strategy...what we call Enhanced Race Execution. The goal of the project is to provide a powerful resource to the running community and team up with select partners to explore where we can take the technology. We will continue to evolve and update the technology and API with new and exciting research.

This site utilizes many of the features available in our API, but we envision the underlying technology being used for much more advanced applications involving race goal setting, course specific pacing calculators, optimal goal training zones, advanced course intelligence, race pace strategy or real time pace notifications.

Future Enhancements

  • Runner Weight Adjustments
  • Weather Effects
  • Altitude Adjustments
  • Trail/Ultra Model Refinement
  • Optimal Training Paces
  • Run Power Based Models

Contact Us

Do you have comments or questions on The Pacing Project? Or are you interested in using our API for software development or hardware integration?

Processing Race Plan Data

(long courses may take several seconds to process)